Dixie Fire Lawsuits

Wildfires are often unpredictable natural events, but sometimes they are caused by the negligence of people, private companies, and public entities. 

What is the Dixie Fire

The Dixie Fire is one instance where a company’s negligence is alleged to have caused a massive fire, which caused significant damage to surrounding people and properties. SelectJustice.com reports that PG&E, an electricity utility company, has admitted that their equipment may have been the cause of the Dixie Fire, the second-largest fire in California's history. 

This fire covered 963,309 acres and the cost of fighting it was upward of $600 million. Unfortunately, the costs to California’s residents were even greater. Recent reports suggest that more than a billion dollars of personal injury and property damages can be linked to the wildfire. For these reasons, a criminal investigation is currently ongoing in this case. Plaintiffs are also gathering in efforts to sue the utility company. 

Was PG&E at fault?

It is not yet entirely clear whether PG&E is liable for the damages caused by the Dixie Fire. Still, an analysis released in July 2022 places some blame on them for maintaining lines in densely populated areas. Another report from August 2022 states that PG&E delays and safety failures were what started the Dixie Fire. Considering that PG&E has previously been responsible for a number of catastrophic wildfires, the public is not surprised. Yet, plaintiffs who suffered losses still deserve to be made whole. To this end, Dixie Fire lawsuits are still being litigated to this day. 

Dixie Fire compensation

Your circumstances will dictate what compensation you are eligible to recover through a Dixie Fire lawsuit. Some types of compensation plaintiffs may be eligible for include:

  • Replacement or repair of damaged and destroyed homes or other property
  • Replacement of personal property and belongings that were destroyed in the fire
  • Costs associated with evacuation and displacement
  • Compensation for medical bills related to injuries caused by the fire
  • Wrongful death compensation for plaintiffs whose family member was killed
  • Lost wages
  • Business interruption costs
  • Loss of crops or livestock
  • Non-economic damages, like emotional distress or pain and suffering

Filing a Dixie Fire claim

As a Dixie Fire victim, you have probably heard that PG&E has an online claims portal that can be used to claim compensation. We do not suggest using this platform, as doing so dramatically increases the chances of your claim being diminished or devalued by their adjusters. This would reduce your total payout or settlement, so hiring a lawyer is a far more equitable option. By joining forces with a Dixie Fire attorney, you can protect your right to full and fair compensation from this negligent utility company.

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