DOJ Blitz Hiring 22 Camp Lejeune Trial Attorneys As Camp Lejeune Administrative Claims Set To Expire

Victims of the most horrific water contamination and government coverup in US history desperately wait for an update on their Camp Lejeune Justice Act administrative claims. The first batch, filed 6 months ago, are finally able to seek justice in court. As they awaited a response to their claims, the Government instead allocated over $4,000,000 to hire 22 barely experienced trial attorneys to drag those victims through more legal hoops and headaches.

The job posting, found on USA JOBS, offers a salary range of $94,199 to $183,500 and is only asking for 1-4 years of post-J.D. experience from applicants.


There have been over 5,000 administrative claims filed immediately after the PACT Act was passed in August 2022, and 10,000+ more over the last few months. The first batch is set to expire in the next few days. The PACT ACT required claimants to (waste their time) filing an administrative claim which the OJAG Unit at the NAVY seemingly never even looked at.  This was perhaps so the government can figure out how to best drive the claimants to the point of being ready to give up on ever getting justice.

Due to no material updates, a multitude of frustrated claimants haven’t heard back from their respective attorneys.

One Camp Lejeune update is clear though:

The Navy and DOJ would rather pay lawyers to fight veterans and victims, than actually review and process their administrative claims.

Congress is busy trying to tie Plaintiffs attorneys hands and restrict how they can find more plaintiffs with significant injuries by cutting their fees to as low as 2%, instead of focusing on the $183,500 in approved attorney salary, and up to $4,000,000+ the government is paying to staff a team to fight the victims instead of helping them. These 22 new trial attorneys butress their team of 30 attorneys and 10 support staff members.

These are jobs that will of course be permanent and exist long after the Camp Lejeune victims get their justice. Yet another example of the government being more interested in sound bites and empty words, instead of actually fixing the problems they caused. That’s like $100,000,000 over the next 20 years that could likely go to process and settle victims claims right now.

Camp Lejeune toxic water victims have significant injuries and deserve immediate compensation and justice as set forth in the Camp Lejeune Justice Act.

It’s cruel & wrong for them to be forced to file forms and jump through hoops that no one is even looking at.

The government is essentially FORCING the victims into court and filing lawsuits, instead of settling administrative claims. This is all while congress is shaking their fists at the only people that seem to actually care enough about the victims to actually do something about it. Their Plaintiff attorneys are having their hands tied to actually fund complex litigation, while simultaneously paying a few hundred thousand a year to 50+ attorneys to re-victimize the victims. This is the only thing that anyone needs to hear to understand what’s so wrong about the insane coverups at Camp Lejeune. That information and the addition of many efforts the government took to prevent their victims from getting justice, including making arguments in supreme court cases under the Obama DOJ that weren’t even about Camp Lejeune, just to prevent lawsuits moving forward.

The only people in this story that have never stopped fighting are the brave victims and the ever important plaintiffs attorneys who stood up to the biggest corporation to ever exist, the US Government, and its extreme conduct in this case.

For once, why not create the Camp Lejeune Victims Compensation Fund we all know will end up happening, and start working through cases instead of wasting time on building new systems to try to analyze thousands of claims?

Just sit down and do the work of fixing this egregious mess once and for all!