For Attorneys

Lawsuit Legit was created to help mass tort plaintiffs find the news and updates they need to understand their case and choose the best law firm for their needs.

While we are early and still experimenting with different content strategies, voice of customer research and traffic strategies, we are EAGER to work together with Law Firms to find ways to HELP plaintiffs understand the process, timeframes, and news that is most important to them. Through delivering more educational content, created by attorneys, doctors, medical professionals, and journalists, we hope to deliver patient plaintiffs, with high value cases, as signed retainers directly to our law firm partners. We are also open to consulting with law firms on unique content and traffic strategies to drive more attorney referrals, co-counsel partners, and test new lead generation agencies. If you would like to write for us, or get signed mass tort retainers, please email and we'll schedule a time to discuss win-win ways we can work together. Our only requirement is that any relationship or arrangement is built on the foundation of our values, helping educate plaintiffs with high quality news and information.