Pizza Texts Spark Hefty Settlement

The recent settlement concerning Ima Pizza LLC, operating as &Pizza, and its $750,000 payout to consumers over allegations of unsolicited text messages, presents a pivotal moment in the landscape of consumer rights and data privacy. This case, stemming from purported violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, not only emphasizes the critical importance of businesses adhering to electronic communication laws but also sets a significant precedent for how similar cases might be handled in the future. As we examine the nuances of this settlement and its implications, one must ponder the potential ripple effects this case could have on corporate communication strategies and consumer protection legislation.

Key Takeaways

  • Ima Pizza LLC, operating as &Pizza, settles a class action lawsuit for $750,000.
  • Settlement benefits those who received unwanted text messages post opt-out.
  • Eligible recipients can claim $372 per unauthorized text, with adjustments if funds are exceeded.
  • The lawsuit addresses violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Settlement Overview

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In a significant legal resolution, Ima Pizza LLC, operating under the name &Pizza, has agreed to a $750,000 class action lawsuit settlement to address claims stemming from allegations of sending text messages to consumers who had previously opted out of such communications. This settlement underscores a commitment to respecting consumer preferences and upholding the integrity of digital consent. It serves as a reminder of the importance of diligently managing communication practices to prevent unwanted intrusions into personal space. By taking responsibility and offering compensation to affected consumers, &Pizza demonstrates a dedication to rectifying the oversight and enhancing trust with their customer base. The resolution of this case highlights the critical nature of adhering to consumer protection laws and sets a precedent for responsible business conduct in the digital age.

Eligibility Criteria

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Eligible consumers for the &Pizza class action settlement include those identified through Ima Pizza LLC's records as having received unwelcome text messages after opting out of such communications. This criterion guarantees that those directly affected by the alleged violation have a clear pathway to compensation, reflecting a commitment to justice and consumer rights. The settlement acknowledges the inconvenience and potential distress caused by unsolicited messages, aiming to rectify this by offering financial redress. It underscores the importance of respecting consumer choices and the legal obligations of businesses to adhere to opt-out requests. This approach not only serves the interests of the affected individuals but also promotes a culture of accountability and respect for personal boundaries in corporate communications.

Claim Submission

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Understanding the eligibility criteria is the first step; the next is to navigate the process of submitting a claim for compensation. For those impacted by the &Pizza class action settlement, submitting a claim is a pivotal yet responsible act aimed at rectifying a situation where consumers received unwanted text messages after opting out. By accessing the settlement website,, eligible individuals can find the claim form which must be filled out accurately and submitted before the March 18, 2024, deadline. It is essential to provide all requested information to make sure the claim is processed efficiently. This act not only serves the individual by compensating for the inconvenience experienced but also upholds the principle of consumer rights and accountability.

Case Details

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The lawsuit Giancristoaro, et al. v. Ima Pizza LLC d/b/a &Pizza has reached a settlement agreement, offering financial compensation to consumers impacted by unsolicited text messages. Under the terms of the settlement, Ima Pizza LLC, which operates as &Pizza, has committed $750,000 to address claims from individuals who received text messages despite having opted out of such communications. Eligible consumers, identified through Ima Pizza's records, stand to receive $372 for each unsolicited message post-opt-out, although this amount may be adjusted depending on the total claims submitted. Those wishing to benefit from the settlement must submit a valid claim by March 18, 2024, ensuring they are recognized for compensation within this initiative aimed at rectifying the inconvenience and disruption caused by unsolicited texts.

Legal Implications

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By agreeing to a $750,000 settlement in the class action lawsuit Giancristoaro, et al. v. Ima Pizza LLC d/b/a &Pizza, the company, while not admitting wrongdoing, seeks to resolve allegations of violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). This action underscores the importance of adhering to federal laws designed to protect consumers from unsolicited telecommunications. Entities involved in similar practices should take note of the legal implications of failing to respect consumer choices, highlighting the necessity for rigorous compliance measures. For individuals serving others, this case exemplifies the potential for legal recourse in protecting consumer rights. It emphasizes the significance of vigilance and advocacy in ensuring respect for personal boundaries in digital communication, reinforcing the ideology of serving the community by upholding its rights and dignity.

Additional Resources

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Having considered the legal implications of the Giancristoaro et al. v. Ima Pizza LLC case, it is pertinent to explore the additional resources available for those seeking further information or assistance related to the settlement. For individuals desiring to serve and support affected consumers, directing them towards the settlement website,, provides a centralized hub for detailed information and claim submission. The claims administrator, Opt-Out Pizza Settlement c/o Atticus Administration, can be contacted for specific inquiries and guidance. Additionally, the legal team, including Christopher E. Roberts and Jacob U. Ginsburg, may offer additional insights into the case's complexities. Engaging with these resources empowers one to assist others effectively and guarantees that affected parties gain the restitution they rightfully deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Will the Settlement Amount Be Taxed, and Will I Need to Report It on My Income Taxes?**

Regarding the taxation of the settlement amount and its reporting on income taxes, it's vital to consult a tax professional for personalized advice. Generally, settlement amounts from lawsuits can be taxable, depending on the nature of the legal settlement. The IRS requires individuals to report income from settlements. However, the specific tax implications can vary, so professional guidance is important to make sure compliance with tax laws and accurate reporting on your tax return.

Can I Still Participate in the Settlement if I Changed My Phone Number After Opting Out but Before Receiving the Lawsuit Notification?**

Eligibility to participate in the settlement is not diminished by a change in your phone number post-opt-out, provided you are identifiable in Ima Pizza's records as having received unwelcome messages from &Pizza. This action underscores a commitment to consumer rights, offering $372 per unauthorized text, a significant gesture toward rectifying privacy intrusions. Concerned individuals should consult the settlement website or contact the claims administrator to verify their eligibility and take necessary steps before the deadline.

What Should I Do if I Believe I Received More Unwanted Texts Than What's Documented in Ima Pizza's Records?**

If you believe the number of unwanted texts you received exceeds the documentation in Ima Pizza's records, it is advisable to gather any available evidence supporting your claim, such as screenshots or phone records. Subsequently, submit this evidence along with your claim form by the March 18, 2024 deadline. Providing detailed documentation can help make sure your claim is accurately assessed and you receive the appropriate compensation for all qualifying texts received.

Are Family Members of Those Who Received the Post-Opt-Out Texts Eligible to Claim Part of the Settlement on Their Behalf?**

In a scenario where consumers are inundated with unwelcome communications, akin to receiving promotional texts despite opting out, the question arises: Can family members claim on behalf of recipients? In the settlement involving &Pizza, eligibility and claim rights are designated to those directly impacted, evidenced by Ima Pizza's records. As a result, family members cannot independently claim unless they are expressly authorized or have legal standing to act on behalf of the affected consumer.

If I Accept the Settlement Payment, Does This Prevent Me From Taking Separate Legal Action Against Ima Pizza LLC for Any Future Violations?**

Accepting a settlement payment typically involves agreeing to certain terms and conditions, which may include a release of claims against the defendant regarding the specific legal issues addressed in the settlement. As a result, recipients of the settlement from Ima Pizza LLC might be precluded from pursuing separate legal actions against the company for the same violations covered by this settlement. It is essential to review the settlement agreement or consult legal counsel for personalized advice.


To summarize, the settlement reached by Ima Pizza LLC underlines a significant victory in the arena of consumer rights and data privacy. This case serves as a clarion call to businesses, emphasizing the paramount importance of respecting consumer preferences and adhering to legal standards in electronic communications. By setting a precedent with a $750,000 settlement, it reinforces the notion that compliance is not optional but a cornerstone of trust and integrity in the digital age.


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