Camp Lejeune Lawsuit Case Update (August 25th 2023)

>THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF NORTH CAROLINA SOUTHERN DIVISION No. 7:23-cv-897 IN RE: ) ) CAMP LEJEUNE WATER LITIGATION ) PLAINTIFFS’ LEADERSHIP GROUP’S ) STATUS REPORT AND NOTICE OF This Document Relates To: ) INFORMATIONAL WEBSITE ALL CASES ) ) Plaintiffs’ Lead and Co-Lead Counsel (“Plaintiffs’ Leadership Group”) respectfully provide this Honorable Court and the public with the following Status Report and Notice of Informational Website. (1) As required by this Court’s July 19, 2023, Order (DE 10), Plaintiffs’ Leadership Group has launched a public website. (2) The website will be used for the purpose of posting orders, schedules, and other basic public information so that Plaintiffs’ Leadership Group can keep all interested persons apprised of the status and progress of this litigation. (3) The web address of the public website is: Respectfully submitted, this 25th day of August, 2023. /s/ J. Edward Bell, III /s/ Zina Bash J. Edward Bell, III (admitted pro hac vice) Zina Bash (admitted pro hac vice) Bell Legal Group, LLC Keller Postman LLC 219 Ridge St. 111 Congress Avenue Georgetown, SC 29440 Suite 500 Telephone: (843) 546-2408 Austin, TX 78701 Telephone: 956-345-9462 Lead Counsel Co-Lead Counsel and Government Liaison Case 7:23-cv-00897-RJ Document 15 Filed 08/25/23 Page 1 of 2 /s/ Elizabeth J. Cabraser /s/ W. Michael Dowling Elizabeth J. Cabraser (admitted pro hac W. Michael Dowling (NC Bar No. 42790) vice) The Dowling Firm PLLC Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP Post Office Box 27843 275 Battery Street, 29th Floor Raleigh, North Carolina 27611 San Francisco, CA 94111 Telephone: (919) 529-3351 Telephone: (415) 956-1000 Fax: (919) 529-3351 Fax: (415) 956-1008 Co-Lead Counsel Co-Lead Counsel /s/ Robin Greenwald /s/ James A. Roberts, III Robin L. Greenwald (admitted pro hac James A. Roberts, III (N.C. Bar No.: vice) 10495) Weitz & Luxenberg, P.C. Lewis & Roberts, PLLC 700 Broadway 3700 Glenwood Avenue, Suite 410 New York, NY 10003 P. O. Box 17529 Telephone: 212-558-5802 Raleigh, NC 27619-7529 Telephone: (919) 981-0191 Co-Lead Counsel Fax: (919) 981-0199 Co-Lead Counsel /s/ Mona Lisa Wallace Mona Lisa Wallace (N.C. Bar No.: 009021) Wallace & Graham, P.A. 525 North Main Street Salisbury, North Carolina 28144 Tel: 704-633-5244 Fax: 704-633-9434 Co-Lead Counsel /s/ Hugh R. Overholt /s/ A. Charles Ellis Hugh R. Overholt (NC Bar No. 016301) A. Charles Ellis (N.C. Bar No.: 010865) Ward and Smith P.A. Ward and Smith P.A. Post Office Box 867 Post Office Box 8088 New Bern, NC 28563-0867 Greenville, NC 27835-8088 Telephone: (252) 672-5400 Telephone: (252) 215-4000 Liaison Counsel Liaison Counsel 2

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